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This year more than ever, you may require extra preparation time to get into school mode.


It’s difficult enough during a “typical” year to get kids ready to go back to school after a long, beautiful summer. But this certainly hasn’t been a “typical” year.


When it’s time to head back to school this year, be extra prepared. Your kids may be anxious or have mixed feelings about going back to school, seeing friends, feeling safe. Will school look different? Will desks still be far apart? Will they be able to hang out with friends? Will they be safe at school? Will they have to wear a mask all day? Most kids’ anxiety is rooted in fear of the unknown. This may create anxiousness, irritability, headaches, stomachaches, feelings of unwellness more than ever.


8 tips that can help make things easier for your kids and for you


1. Be prepared

Every province has different regulations, and individual school districts may have their own requirements. Find out from school administrators what safety measures and procedures they have in place, so you feel prepared. Then, share them with your kids so they feel part of the transition.

2. Validate fears

The world experienced collective trauma, and it’s normal for people to be anxious about resuming regular activities such as going back to school. Be okay with it, so your kids are okay with it! Although you might feel some relief that you and your child will be getting back into a routine, recognize that it might not be easy at first for them – or for you.


3. Go shopping

This year, more than ever, kids will likely enjoy the tradition of buying school supplies and a few new outfits for the school year. They might even enjoy grocery shopping to select some foods that will make brown-bagging more exciting.



4. Provide structure

Sleep cycles and mealtimes may not have been as structured as usual throughout the pandemic and summer. Don’t wait until the night before school starts to get your child back into a school routine. Gradually adapt to earlier bedtimes and earlier wake times, so kids are ready to start school well-rested.


5. Talk up positivity

Now more than ever, be the glass half full person. It’s so important to speak positively about the upcoming new school year. This translates good energy for your kids and for you. Here are some suggestions: “It’s going to be great to be back at school and be around people!” “It’s going to be exciting to see your friends when school starts?” “What are you most excited about when school starts?” Think of ways you and your kids can choose to embrace the unknown. “I’m excited for your first day.” “And I’m super excited to hear about everything when you come home on the first day and every day!” And if your kid comes up with a negative comment or question, do your best to spin it into a positive.


6. Observe carefully and ask questions

Watch for signs that your child may be struggling. Symptoms of stress include irritability, self-isolation, angry outbursts, changes in appetite, and disrupted sleep patterns. Ask questions, keep an open dialogue with your kid, even when they don’t feel like talking. Keep in touch with your child’s teacher if anything is happening at school that you should be aware of. If you’re unable to manage your child’s anxiety, get help from a specialist who works with kids to counselor them and you through this time. Keep top of mind that homeopathy, and Reiki, can help to support all the symptoms above.


7. Be patient

The pandemic disrupted everyone’s routines and made many people – especially kids – question their safety and security. It may still take time for everything to feel like there is a sense of normalcy out there, be okay with this. Do your best to be okay that you can’t just snap your fingers and expect everything will feel like it did before it began. Everything has changed, and remember, change is good.


8. Reinforce to your kids that you are there for them always

Before school begins, hang out with them, and let them know that no matter what, you are there to help them through any challenges, big or small. Let them know you’ll always be on their side, and they can come to you and count on you for anything. And when they do come to you, let them talk, don’t immediately offer advice, empathize first, see your child’s perspective, let them know all is ok, together you can achieve anything.


WrxConcierge. We have specialists on hand that are here to support you and your kids. Reach out, connect with us, we’ll refer you in the right direction.


Rose A. Weinberg, Co-Founder, President, Chief Wellness Officer at WellnessWrx, Author, Speaker, Registered Homeopath, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master~Educator, Founder of The feelgood Company. I love my family, home, martial arts, being playful, and feeling good! Full-filled Wife~Mom~Bubi~DogMom~DogBubi!

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