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Simply… Our platform complements and completes all health and wellness benefit programs

One-Click away From Attainable and Sustainable Wellness
for Your Workforce

137+ Blended Curated Holistically–Mainstream Wellness Options & Solutions Designed Exclusively For Your Team

  • With one-click your employees, team members, and executives have access to wellness choices and solutions in the comfort of their office or home right from your company-branded website.

  • Wellness that is blended and curated offsite, to access onsite helps to attain and retain employees

  • Some insurance companies offer wellness providers who only offer paramedical options. This can only be found on the insurance company’s website. Requiring your team members to go off-site to find limited solutions. wellnessmktpl eliminates this problem and offers more than 137+ wellness solutions directly from your company website.

  • Additional customization available, we’d love to chat further about your teams needs

  • A Robust Continually Growing Holistically-Mainstream Wellness Marketplace that Offers Wellness Providers, Clinics, Shopping, Medical Doctors, Employee Health & Wellness Management, Home and Auto Insurance Nation-wide

  • One Click To SageConcierge.

    Your Teams Personal Accredited Wellness Consultant Who Is Educated To Direct Them To Over 137+ Wellness Solutions Nationwide.

  • One-Click to over 137+ Wellness Solutions For Your Workforce Directly On Your Company-Branded Website.

  • Say goodbye to logins with a button designed on your company homepage for your team to access wellness solutions with just one-click in the comfort of their office or home

  • Minimal Costs, Effective and Proactive Way To Engage and Provide Wellness Choices For Your Workforce!

  • Blended and Curated Holistically-Mainstream Wellness Offsite | For Your Teams Access Onsite

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  • Additional Blended Curated Holistically-Mainstream Continually Growing Wellness Marketplace that Offers Online Shops, Education Resources, Medical Doctors, Employee Health and Wellness Management, Home and Auto Insurance Nationwide

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  • Our Passion Is To Bring wellnessmktpl Directly To Your Team, for All their health needs.
  • Our Team Brings Over 24 Years Of Experience In Corporate Wellness, Engaging And Providing An Ecosystem Of Holistic And Mainstream Wellness Solutions To Executives And Team Members.
  • We Curate Off-Site To Bring Onsite Wellness Directly on your homepage of your branded-website for Your Team to Click when needed.
  • Let us support You to Engage your talent and new talent with a Healthy Mindset, helping them attain and sustain Wellness throughout personal and professional life.
  • Wellness Market Place offers your team and their families 137+ Wellness Options and solutions!

One Click

  • Effortless user experience – bye-bye log ins

  • Integrative services: holistic and mainstream choice for your team and their families

  • Complementary ‘talk with our in-house wellness expert at SageConcierge’ for all wellness queries

  • We support and educate your team with our ongoing in house SageBlog, and SageLearn series

  • *Wellness writers are available to create content for your company that reflects your brand and culture

You Onboard, We Set up Your Websites one Click!

  • Once your organization is signed up, our tech team sets up everything for your tech to add to your website. You don’t have a tech team, that’s ok, our tech team will do it for you!

  • We handle the launch to engage your team and let them know that you’ve onboarded a robust wellness market place for all their health and wellness needs

  • Your team members need support? We’re here for them connect@wellnessmktpl.ca

  • Your team can use their extended benefits where applicable

  • All this for Wellness delivered effectively, quickly and exclusively for less than pennies a day, book a demo to get a quote for your company workforce.

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*Blended curated Wellness Providers, Clinics, Programs, Events, Shopping, Medical Doctors, Employee Health Wellness Management
*Brand-specific content marketing for your employee’s wants – some at additional cost